Good action out of La Paz

Great fishing and lots of fun in La Paz.
We have had some stormy weather and this is bringing some chafe to the area, fish are biting and there have been bigger fish around, double hook up are common making for some fun times in La Paz.


We have a new fishing junky.
Camila first fishing trip manage to hook and land this brat rooster fish.

And just to prove that there is beginners luck, here is Camila and Eduardo with the rest of their catch, cabrilla, dorado and rooster fish in one day.

Just a nice fish

Fishing last week was slower than we are used to, boat where coming back with 4 to 6 dorado.
Rex Hamilton group did manage to bring this fish in to top off a great fishing trip to La Paz.
Wahoo caught last week weigh at 43 LB.


Not all is serious fishing in La Paz, Fun is a big part os it.

Bryan Taylor group having fun at Sun Set Bar after a days fishing.
Bring your fish, July and Karla will take care of it.


Dorado and Pargo

La Paz fishing has picked up in the last couple of weeks, some better size fish have been caught around espiritu santo island as well as some largo and cabrilla around the rocky point on the island.
Come down and join us for a days fishing with our experienced captains.



Andrea Ballabio is fron Napoli, Italy, and has beeen spearfisherman companion of our pro Toto Volpe since very young age back in their country. It was inevitable that his visit to La Paz end up with some serius catches. In 60 to 70 ft. of warm clear wáter traget chances were few but well take vantage off. See you next year my friend.


october first 1013

Oscar Roos is a passionate spearfisherman from Panama that has over tan 30 years experience. He wanted measure himself against the big dogthoot snappers of teh sea of Cortez. As everybody that fishes here knows that is not easy task but going out with our spearfishing pro Toto Volpe definetly helped in reaching the goal. That is a fine pargo my friend!


23 september 2013 my friend from Qatar

Abdulharam Alshareef is a very passionate and expert spearfisherman from Qatar , he flied a long trip just to be able to measure himself with the mity Dogthootsnapper of the see of Cortez.
Naturally nobody is better tan Toto Volpe for that kind of mission and the results were not to be waited for too long. In the clear warm waters of the Spiritu Santo island in about 70 ft. on Boulder strustured bottom same big specimen gave a shooting target with beautiful results like the one in the picture.
We will wait for you Abdul to go hunting again for big pargos.