Fishing with my boys

Fishing with my boys!
There is nothing more rewarding or fulfilling than fishing with your children once they reach the age that their own passion for fishing starts to burn.
This Easter vacation I took my two young boys Oliver & Nicolas ages 10 & 7 to catch their first yellow tail at El Bajo. What a day it turned out to be.
As we departed from the dock at Costa Baja at 6:45am we picked up our bait from Yacco inside the bay of La Paz and were delighted to see he had a boat full of big caballitos destined to catch us the big one.
We then headed out to El Bajo a famous seamount where the yellow tail had been biting for some days now. Water conditions were excellent with a gentle ripple on the surface and the sun slowly rising we were excited and anxious to get bent over the side of our 22ft Mosquito Fleet super panga accompanied by our long devoted captain Pancho.
After reaching our destination we saw that we were one of ten boats hoping to land some nice yellow tail and get that adrenalin flowing.
Within 10 minutes I was on a fish and felt that awesome power and strength as the challenge began.
Yippee as I landed our first 26 pounder, one down and rearing to go I hooked up another and passed it off to Oliver who continued the fight until it was just a few feet from the surface and his arms were aching and Nicolas took over. Seven years old and he didn't waste anytime at all as he cranked it up to the surface and yes landed his first ever 42 pound yellow tail.
The boys were exhausted but pumped up as they marveled at the fish hold with admiration and a sense of accomplishment.
The day only got better with trigger fish, cabrilla and pargo to complete our mixed bag.
Towards the middle of the afternoon Oliver was using a "whopper stopper" rod about two a a half foot and with 10 pound test line trying to fish for trigger fish when a serious yellow tail struck and started to run for his life. Oliver was screaming with excitement and looked panicked as the fish was about to take all the spool so we slightly tightened the pressure and started to follow the fish with the boat and as it ran we went faster and faster just to regain line. This went on for 10 minutes as we chased down and recovered line inch by inch as the line stretched and we felt that we would it would break.
Oliver managed to get the fish to the surface some 12 feet from the boat and to our amazement it was a fine yellow tail 30 to 40 pounds.
The line went slightly slack and ping it was gone to fight another day but what a thrill as fish beats boy !
To all fathers out there: get your sons over here and we will reward you with the trip of a lifetime and your children will never forget that experience!
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