March 29th fishing report

Hey Guys,

Well what can we say except the Yellowtail fishing is hot down here really hot. We have had boats going out the last few days to El Bajo where the fishing has been incredible. With big yellows swarming around the boat the real problem has been losing them in the rocks, lines getting tangled and some pesky Sea Lions stealing bait. All our boats that have gone out have come back with fish in the 25lbs. - 35lbs range. The weather has been really nice down here also with the daily highs in the mid 80's and the water temp. in the high 60's low 70's. The wind has also been very calm making the ride out to El Bajo very smooth. Its a great time of the year to enjoy La Paz before summer hits and starts getting into the high 90's- 100's so come out and enjoy!!