Fishing Report Mar. 20th 2011

The fishing is really starting to heat up down here. The Yellowtail are coming in big groups and good size. Last week we had various boats going out that caught between 5 and 15 fish. Most fish are ranging between 15-35 lbs. The yellowtail have been caught on live bait, which at the moment there is plenty. We are catching most of the fish close by Ispiritu Santo Island and el Bajo and have had a really great week of weather and seas. The next few days we are going to have highs in the 90's and cooling down by the end of the week in the low to mid 80's with water temps at the surface in the 70's and below in the mid to high 60's. Besides the Yellowtail we have also been getting Pargo's and Cabrilla in the 10-25 lb. range making for some great fishing. Come out and join us!!